Submission Guidelines 

How to Submit:

Send  your Film Submissions through a YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or WeTransfer link.

Send the link to

You can submit as many films as you wish, but please only submit each one once. 



Shorts: 1 to 30 minutes 

Music Videos are considered short films. However, if an overwhelming amount of music videos are entered, we will make them their own separate category.

New Category announcement: TV pilots. If you have shot a pilot, great! Submit it! If you have a web series, submit one episode.  

Feature: 40 minutes to 1:30 minutes 


All genres are accepted except for X rated films. [I know it didn't need to be said, but hey, it doesn't hurt.]

If you are submitting a feature, you can flash your company's  logo or your name every 2 minutes across the screen. That is an option that is totally up to the filmmakers' discretion, and is not mandatory for this contest.

With your submission you may choose to send a brief bio about yourself. This task can be either written 4 lines or a 30  second or less video clip. These will be added to the website and or to the Her Vision YouTube channel as they come in. So as soon as you submit, you get some free press. YAY!

Any other questions, please feel free to email those as well:


Once your submission has been received, it will be posted on this site.  Then the voting begins. There is a 1 to 5 star rating system in place. Feedback is optional.  At the end of the day on June 4th, we count the stars. To be clear all genders can vote.  In  the case of ties or other close call situations, the organizer and prize givers will determine the prize winners.


Again, any other questions, please feel free to email those as well:

If you can donate, great! Thank you! But believe me, no pressure!

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