You get your logline and synopsis sent to Diane Drake!  Yes, the same luminary who wrote classics such as WHAT WOMEN WANT[ Mel Gibson & Helen Hunt] later remade into WHAT MEN WANT [ Taraji P. Henson & Tracy Morgan] and ONLY YOU[Marisa Tomei & Robert Downy Junior]. She is also currently a screenwriting professor and published author.  In short, she is a genius.  You and Diane then get to speak about your materials for 15 minutes . 

You also get to post your logline on the premiere and effective site known as INKTIP!  Where producers go to seek out their next project. 


Whether you’re looking for scripts or have some of your own, InkTip can help you. 393 movies have been made from scripts and writers found on  the INKTIP platform. Producers: find scripts fast and easy. Writers: list and sell your scripts.  

That's not all!  You also get a Zoom interview with Canada's premiere Hostess Janette Burke! She has interviewed such personalities as the Property Brothers and Ben Stiller. You can find out more about this lovely  sister from the North, her shows and services by visiting www.JanetteBurke .com.

 Janette Burke is the Executive Producer, Host & Creator of Janette’s TV and Janette’s TV Podcast. Having interviewed countless A-list celebrities, thought-leaders, game-changers and experts, she knows what it takes to assume the spotlight and effectively spread your message. So she also provides Mentoring & Training to CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and sales agents who wish to garner more media attention and improve their presentation, performance and communication skills when appearing on-camera (media, pod & webcast interviews, videos or LIVES), speaking on-stage (solo or panel), preparing a TEDTalk or interacting with clients, sponsors, and staff

You get a phone call with seasoned producer, executive producere and entertaiment laywer, Bruce Nahin. 

You also get to post your logline on the premiere and effective site known as INKTIP!  Where producers go to seek out their next project. 



You also get to be interviewed on Janette Burke's show!

You get to place your logline on 


And you get to speak with Bruce Nahin. 

Win the acting challenge, and you get 20 glorious minutes with this fabulous acting powerhouse, Joanna Sanchez! Bring her your new scene, monologues or simply ask her advice on your career. Click on her photo to jump to her IMDB page. You'll love what you see! 

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Caterina Campagna is a native New Yorker who studied psychology and dramatic arts at Dominican College. She graduated with a 3.9 gpa, and quickly went to work as a recreational therapist on an acute adult psychiatric ward.  There she employed healing methods through the artistic games ranging from acting out conflict resolution to guided mediation to music therapy. Soon later, her love of music and writing ability allowed her to become a freelancer for the Aquarian Weekly, a newspaper which is entered into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and later, Caterina went on to serve as the Assistant Editor of the nationally distributed Metal Edge magazine. In that publishing house's New York City office, she demonstrated organizational skills as well as managing communication with freelancers, the art department, publicists, musicians and the production team to make sure the monthly publication always went out on time. She has had the privilege of interviewing such luminaries as Metallica, Alice Cooper, the Deftones, Soundgarden and Dave Grohl. In 2007, she got her SAG card and has been featured in indi and theatrical releases, music videos, cable TV, commercials for MTV as well as VJing and DJing spots.  She then got the lead role in an off Broadway production of the Wisdom of Eve as Eve Harrington. The press called her performance, "Stellar." She has also written seven features in varying genres as well as four shorts3. While Caterina feels art is one of the most fulfilling pursuits one can engage in, she also found joy and meaning in being the primary caretaker of her father Gaetano Campagna who endured Alzheimer's disease and Leukemia.

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