Since our mission here is to support and shine a light on female directors and female identifying directors, we are adding a section with those who have made films, and want to inspire you to do the same!

Before there was Tony Stark or Iron Man, there was Damon Bradly. Diane Drake screenwriter of such gems as ONLY YOU and WHAT WOMEN WANT spoke with us at the Her Vision Film Festival. Plus she tells you about her upcoming free webinar! 




 The director of A SENSE OF PURPOSE, Jillian Bullock speaks with us about her upcoming Amazon Prime release and her directorial style:







Here is our first guest! The director of SHOW&TELL, Melissa Skriboll:

The director of SPEED OF LIFE & BREAD AND BUTTER, Liz Manashil:

The director of POMS [Staring Diane Keaton  & Jacki Weaver] BATTLE OF THE SEXES[ The documentary of the Legendary tennis match vs Bobby Riggs,] and so many more wonderful projects, Zara Hayes:

United States, New York