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This is the inaugural year of the Her Vision Film Festival. We are here to celebrate, empower, inspire and support Women in Cinema. With that mission in mind, we will only accept films that are directed by women. 







Woman's month was practically cancelled, because of that which shall not be named, so we are here to take back the month and extend it a bit!  Plus, why not?  It's free! Yes, free to submit for the first 250 participating women directors.

Show and Tell Tango By Melissa Skirboll

FIND ME By Ava Liu

 by Eileen Dombourian Engel and Margaret Weinberg

by Eileen Dombourian Engel


Eva MeiLing Pollitt

 by Eileen Dombourian Engel 

Show &Tell Tango by Melissa Skirboll

You can also see and interview with Melissa here.

I Will Never Die by Tess Masero Brioso

Wildest  Days By  Dina Regine

United States, New York