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International Film Festival 




Click the poster to dive into director interviews and trailers. Then get passes to enjoy the film by clicking, you guessed it, the ticket below. Streaming starts August 7th - September 8th.

Beige Minimalist Lines Family Tree.png
Beige Minimalist Lines Family Tree.png

This festival supports gender equality in the world of the cinematic arts. That means we honor the work of female and female-identifying writers, directors, producers, and editors. 

We also proudly put the spotlight on the work of the LGBTQ community and mixed-gender writing and producing teams. For instance, if a project has a female writer and a male director, it qualifies for this festival. Moreover,  congratulations! Working together to make a great project is the main objective!

It's not too late to enter your project for prizes, accolades and more eyes on your work. 


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