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Guess what every well written script and visionary director still needs? I can hear you cynical types screaming, "money and more money." But the better answer that we are looking for is great actors! Show them you got what it takes by submitting your reel or monologue. No more than 2 minutes please. We will post your work on the festival site, and you get a chance to win some one on one time with actor, producer and acting teacher, Joanna Sanchez. Go over to the Shop Page to get your visibility and career on the upswing by clicking on the Show My Work, For Actors option.  

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Joanna Sanchez has acted  in such compelling projects as 

Up Close and PersonalTo the Bone, The Odd Couple II,  The League, Conspiracy Theory, Wolf, This is Us, the X-Files and many more.  To learn more about Joanna, click on the photo to watch her interview with us. 

You can also check out her IMDB page by clicking here

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Contribute to a great cause while learning from the master, and multiple Oscar winner, Paul Haggis!


Click on the top photo to enroll! Proceeds go to THE Academy of Peace and Justice in Haiti.

Spots fill up fast, get your spot today!

To learn more about the movement click on the bottom  photo. 

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