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Here is the trailer for the winning film titled WHY ME 'Kenapa Aku' By Writer/ Producer Bella Julita and Director Don Ya'azid Ya'akop











We heard you again! Overwhelming feedback demands that we have a section for women who want the more traditional festival experience.  That being said, we are now accepting submissions which will not be posted on the site for viewing.  You can now submit your short or feature length films, and our judges will decide the winner in both categories.

Short length film entries will be 5 dollars USD. These are films under 35 minutes in runtime.

Feature length entries will be 10 dollars USD.  These are films over 40 minutes in runtime. Entries from outside the US are welcome and English subtitles are preferred but not mandatory. 

To enter, visit the  Shop Page.

Since this is a new development, we are extending the festival finale deadline until June 26th.

All prizes are the same for films which will be listed on the site and for those viewed solely by the judges. 

Yes, we hear you! Every good movie starts with a good script, and it has been said that 90 percent of directing a film is done while writing that script.  To that end, and due to overwhelming feedback, we are adding a screenplay contest to this event! YAY!

Here is the new information: 

Go to the Shop tab on this site, and then purchase your feature length and or short length script entry. Then email your script to

It is that easy!




After May 15th is $65 USD

You get a page of thoughtful notes plus insight on characters, plot and premise.

Feature length winner gets a free pitch on Inktip, and gets to be interviewed on the Janette Burke's TV Show. 

Please note that all screenplays must be submitted as a PDF.



After May 15th - 45$ USD

You get a page of thoughtful notes plus insight on characters, plot and premise.

Short length winner gets to be interviewed on the HER VISION FILM FESTIVAL site, and free page of coverage once you turn your short into a feature or free page of coverage on another script you write.

Please note that all screenplays must be submitted as a PDF.

We are so excited to have Ink Tip involved with our festival!!!


They are giving away free pitches to our winners! This prestigious company has connected creatives to producers resulting 393 produced films. Here's to hoping your is next! Cheers! 

The film below is on this page to help inspire you! I did this in one room on my laptop camera to help me focus on writing the script as well as develop the character. Okay, now it's your turn. Why not speak as one of your characters, record it and enter it into this festival? It's free. No one wants to watch the news anymore, we'd rather watch you. Roll camera....Action!

For Your Inspiration

Final Deadline to submit is July 4th

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